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Compatibility with BACnet Building Automation Systems


Facilities Scheduler
Compatibility with
rSchoolToday Facilities Scheduler can now save
your district $$ thousands each year in energy costs & manpower! 
“As much as 30 percent of a district’s total energy is used inefficiently or unnecessarily”1
“Lighting accounts for nearly 50% of the
electric bill in most schools.” 
  • Automatically Notify HVAC Control Units
  • Automatically Notify Lighting Control Units
  • Automatically Notify Entry Point Access Control Units 
  • Compatible with *ANY* BACnet System
  • Huge Savings in Manpower
The best way to save energy is to turn off the HVAC system and lights when facility space is not in use. rSchoolToday’s integration with your building automation system (BAS) enables schools to automate this process, saving thousands in energy costs and staff costs.  Each time you schedule a facility in rSchoolToday, that data also writes over to your Building Automation System (BAS), alleviating the need for redundant data entry.  Your BAS sets the temperature and lighting automatically so the space is ready just in time for the group coming to use it.  Then after they leave, the lights automatically turn off, and the HVAC is changed to reduce energy.  Automatic Door locking and unlocking can also be triggered via the system.  
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